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Gynecologic Pelvic Ultrasound

Pelvic ultrasound may be used for assessment and measurements of female pelvic organs.

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Obstetrical Pelvic Ultrasound

Transabdominal pelvic Ultrasound maybe used for assessment following conditions:

  • establish the presence of a viable fetus/fetuses
  • estimate the gestational age of the pregnancy
  • diagnose congenital abnormalities of the fetus (Nuchal Translucency and Anatomical screenings)

Transvaginal pelvic Ultrasound maybe used:

  • to check for ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy occurring outside of the uterus)
  • to check for opening or shortening of the cervix

Entertainment Ultrasounds:

3D & 4D  Image Package

3D scans show still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension.

With 3D and 4D scans, you see your baby’s skin rather than her insides.

3D and 4D scans are considered as safe as 2D scans, because the images are made up of sections of two-dimensional images converted into a picture.

3D and 4D scans may nonetheless provide more information about a known abnormality.

Gender Reveal

For early gender determination (16 weeks)


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