What are My Options for an Ultrasound in Rochester?


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A pelvic ultrasound is an amazing diagnostic tool that simply and comfortably allows our practitioner to see your internal organs. At Madonna OB/GYN and Medical Spa in Rochester, we use both ultrasounds for your health and wellness. Check out some of your options below, and find out more about how the process works.

First, we will determine if you need an obstetric or a gynecologic ultrasound. Obstetric ones are used to see your uterus, the placenta and fetal structures. Specifically, it is used to determine the health of your fetus and to ensure that the fetus is growing as it should. The gynecologic type is used for those times when you are not pregnant but when our practitioner needs a closer look at your sexual and urinary structures, such as the bladder, ureters, uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. This can be used to diagnose such problems as fibroid tumors, infertility and bleeding or to ensure that an intrauterine contraceptive device is in the correct location.

We will also help you know whether you should have a transabdominal ultrasound or a transvaginal one. The most common choice is transabdominal, which is done on the surface of your abdomen with a special device. The practitioner will first rub special gel on your skin to help produce better pictures. With a transvaginal ultrasound, the transducer is placed into the vagina to see certain structures better.

The choice to have an ultrasound at Madonna OB/GYN and Medical Spa in Rochester is an easy one because this is a safe, low-risk diagnostic option that can significantly impact our team’s ability to diagnose and treat you and keep your baby healthy if you are pregnant. You will be comfortable throughout your entire appointment, and we are happy to tell you exactly what we are doing as we go through the test.

At Madonna OB/GYN and Medical Spa in Rochester and Geneseo, we ensure that your ultrasound appointment is safe, private, easy and convenient. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!