Advantages Of Family Planning Services

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If you or your partner are beginning to think about increasing the size of your family, you will want to plan well for the greatest physical, mental, emotional, and financial journey you will go through. This is where family planning comes in. At Madonna OB/GYN in Rochester, New York, we help women of all ages find ways to become pregnant, to avoid pregnancy for certain periods, or to prevent pregnancy completely once a woman is sure she is done having children. Expert family planning by a medical doctor has many advantages, such as those mentioned below.

Improved Health for Women and Their Families

Research has shown that a woman’s body needs to recover between pregnancies for the greatest health for her and her baby. Waiting between pregnancies can help women lose weight and recover from any illnesses that she might have. It can also help her uterus and vagina to heal and prepare for the next pregnancy.

Improved Emotional Strength in the Family

By waiting a significant length of time, mother and father will each have time to bond with the new baby. This can be foundational for good emotional health for other children who need to spend plenty of quality time with their parents to feel safe and secure.

Removes Financial Burdens

Each baby comes with its own unique financial burden. The cost of increased health insurance, medical costs, food, diapers, and clothing can be astronomical for some families. Spacing children apart carefully will allow parents to equalize financially.

Allows Women to Advance Their Own Goals

Women who have numerous young children may find it difficult or impossible to advance their own career goals or become involved in non-work-related tasks that are close to their hearts. Family planning can help determine the optimal time to have or to not have children so parents can work.

Numerous Options for Men and Women

Today, both men and women have numerous safe and effective options for family planning, including natural methods, birth control pills, or patches and permanent sterilization options.

We realize that family planning will look different for every family. At Madonna OB/GYN in Rochester, NY, we want to help you make the decision that is right for you and your partner while also staying healthy and happy. Call our office today to schedule an appointment time that works well for your schedule.