A Closer Look at Obstetrics/Gynecology


young woman in a dress, smiling

Whether you’re pregnant or need to monitor your feminine health, you can benefit from the services that are offered by an obstetrics/gynecology office. An OB/GYN can assist you with everything from the symptoms that you experience when you go through menopause to helping with infertility. Most doctors of this type can also provide for your primary healthcare needs if you don’t want to visit multiple doctors throughout the year.

The care you receive from your OB/GYN is focused on you because every woman is different. The testing that you receive might be similar to other women, but your results will likely be different. You’ll notice that the obstetrics care that you receive while you’re pregnant will be based on how many pregnancies you’ve had in the past and how healthy you are while you’re pregnant. Your labor and delivery plan will also be customized for your needs and so that you have a safe and healthy birth. Any treatments associated with gynecological issues are performed based on the conditions that you have and the issues that you’re facing. When you visit the OB/GYN for primary healthcare, your doctor will examine your vital signs, perform lab work, and talk with you about any health conditions that you’re dealing with or what you’re concerned about pertaining to your health history.

Doctors have experience in working with all types of issues related to obstetrics/gynecology, providing you the comfort that you need as soon as you enter the office. Surgeries can be performed when needed as well as preventive healthcare. Tests can be performed to determine if you have cancer or if you have other health conditions that could impact your reproductive health. You can discuss what you might experience when you go through menopause. Your doctor can answer questions that you have about pregnancy and what to expect after delivery. While visiting the office, you can talk about birth control options as well as other things that you can do to take care of your health if you’re trying not to get pregnant. Another service provided by an OB/GYN is egg donation. You can go through the process so that other women can have a baby or be on the receiving end of this service if you are having trouble getting pregnant.

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